BeeOrg Organic Manuka Honey MGO550+ 250g

BeeOrg Organic Manuka Honey MGO550+ 250g


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Certified Organic Manuka Honey MGO550+. New Zealand’s Manuka honey is one of nature’s true wonder-foods. Sourced from the native Manuka tree (Leptospermum Scoparium).

The production is strictly audited by BioGro to ensure the honey is 100% natural and organic.

Features & Benefits:

Why Organic Manuka Honey?

Organic Manuka honey is

  • Free of unnecessary herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, bee antibiotics and other substances that can harm your health
  • Free of preservatives and artificial additives.

Why BeeOrg Organic Manuka Honey?

  • BeeOrg Organic Manuka honey is 100% certified organic Manuka Honey.
    • Certified by BioGro(No.450)
    • Certified by IFOAM (International Organic Accreditation)
  • BeeOrg Manuka Honey MGO550+ has been tested by an independent NZ Govt approved laboratory for its MGO level, guaranteed to contain at least 550mg methylglyoxal per kg.
  • BeeOrg Manuka Honey is locally sourced high quality New Zealand Manuka honey.
  • BeeOrg Manuka Honey is minimal heated to prevent damage to the honey’s nutritional values, taste & colour.
  • BeeOrg Manuka Honey 550+ is rare high MGO rated Organic Manuka honey


Each jar contains: Organic Certified New Zealand Manuka Honey MGO550+


Manuka Honey can be consumed by adults and children over the age of 1 year old. Children under 12 months old should abstain from taking any type of honey.

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