BeeOrg Children Lollipops 100g


BeeOrg Children Lollipops 100g

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BeeOrg Children’s Manuka Honey Lollipops are great tasting 100% natural formula to support your children’s immunity during the winter cold and flu season. They combine New Zealand Manuka honey MGO261+, New Zealand propolis and olive leaf extract in tasty strawberry-flavoured lollipops. All lollipops are individually wrapped for convenience when you are on the go.

Features & Benefits:

Why New Zealand honey?

  • Manuka honey comes from the nectar of the flower of Manuka bush which is indigenous to New Zealand.
  • New Zealand manuka honey is unique in the honey world for its highly stable antibacterial ability, or “UMF” (unique manuka factor).
  • One of nature’s superfoods.

Why Olive Leaf Extract?

  • The primary active compound of olive leaf extract, oleuropein (OPC) is believed to naturally support body’s immune system and a defence for natural healing, winter chills and ills.

Why BeeOrg Children’s Manuka Honey Lollipops

  • BeeOrg Children’s Manuka Honey Lollipops contain New Zealand Manuka honey MGO261+
  • BeeOrg Children’s Manuka HJoney Lollipops contain New Zealand sourced propolis
  • Added Olive Leaf Extract with its potent antioxidant property
  • Great tasting strawberry flavour lollipops wrapped individually

Recommended for:

  • Supporting your children’s immune system during winter cold and flu season
  • Soothing chest congestion


Sugar, glucose (from corn), New Zealand Manuka honey MGO261+, water, olive leaf extract, natural strawberry flavour, New Zealand propolis


Take as required up to three times daily.

Pack Size:

10 lollipops per pack

Weight 0.2 kg


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