TranzAlpine Organic Propolis Tinct BIF40+

TranzAlpine Organic Propolis Tinct BIF40+


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Uncover the secret of New Zealand’s pure Organic Propolis Tincture. This product contains high-quality natural flavonoids BIF40 +, exerts potent anti- bacterial and anti-corrosion capability, effectively repair cells from free radical damage. Support your immune and digestive system with Propolis’ high quality antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Features & Benefits
Propolis is a resin that honeybees collect from bark or flower buds. Propolis is rich in vitamins, natural alcohols, amino acids, trace elements and a large number of bioflavonoids, which purify blood and anti-allergic functions, natural minerals inhibit bacterial growth, anti-inflammatory and swelling, and support the human immune system. Helps organizations repair regeneration. This potent supplement is rich with the highest level of bioflavonoids.

Pure propolis liquid BIO40+, equivalent to 40 mg flavonoids

Can be applied directly to the affected area, such as gums lining of the mouth and throat, help anti -inflammatory and promote lesion recovery. You can gargle. Oral or add to drink directly in the drink

Propolis allergic should not be used
Not suitable for children under two years old
Pregnant women and lactating women must consult a professional before taking it.


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